A Quick Note (Blog Update)

Hi everyone, Thank you for connecting and following me here on my blog. I am excited to continue sharing helpful information surrounding personal development/lifestyle and content marketing. Starting today, I will primarily share blogging content via my website at Let’s stay connected. I encourage you to follow me on social @itslisatoban and/or subscribe toContinue reading “A Quick Note (Blog Update)”

3 Tips for Targeting your Audience with Content Marketing (Who)

Content marketing is essential for any business, organization, brand, project, product, service, or event. It is the ability to strategize information in such a way that it centers around the mission of the endeavor, connects with the target audience, and produces results to accomplish the intended goal. I believe the basic formula for content marketingContinue reading “3 Tips for Targeting your Audience with Content Marketing (Who)”


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About Me

You decided to visit this site and I’m glad. Let me introduce myself to you! My name is Lisa Toban and I love content marketing and personal development. You may wonder, what a combination? Here’s the thing. I couldn’t separate one industry from another, and let me tell you why. I went through a process that helped me to truly discover me, my uniqueness, and expose my gifts.  I learned not only was I creative, but innovative to strategically gather others’ content and increase brand awareness and visibility.   

I couldn’t truly embrace my love for content marketing if I didn’t embrace self-love. What I learned by working with people is that many live out of their gifts, talents, or abilities, but not out of their core values, standards, and beliefs. And some people may know who they are, but struggle to operate out of purpose. 

I get it.  

So, what do I do? I help Millennial Women to own their worth and embrace their uniqueness. (Personal Development) I also help support brands, businesses, organizations, and projects by providing resources and services for visibility and engagement. (Content Marketing) Unique, right?

Why does this matter to me? It’s simple! You’re WORTH it! 

Worthy of Receiving True Happiness!

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