Can you guess the significance of 95? Why is this number important as of today, September 27, 2019? Take a wild guess! 95 days until we embark upon the new year, 2020! Wow! Does anyone remember the societal frenzy when we entered the Millennium? Almost 20 years later! Years of progress, advancement and much change.Continue reading “95”

Millennial Syndrome

You decided that you’re embracing the new season. Bye Bye #hotgirlsummer and hello Fall! Now, what? If you missed the previous blog, take a gander. There’s a questionnaire to answer. The season changed and how do you adapt to the new? There is a Millennial Syndrome, where some of us might experience periodically. This isContinue reading “Millennial Syndrome”

Hello Fall!

We meet again! It’s not for the flood of pumpkin things, I’ll see on Pinterest, like Pumpkin Latte, Pumpkin Scones or Pumpkin Coffee Cake. It’s not for the #Fallready fashion I’ll see promoted to become more inspired to look cute and chic. And it’s not for the home décor ideas I’ll see via Instagram. WeContinue reading “Hello Fall!”

You Need this Reminder!

Hey you! Yes, you! The one reading this blog! You might have thought this was going to be a long one, but it’s not! I have something important to tell you and quite frankly, I don’t know why I’m sharing this with you because I think you already know. But, just in case you don’t,Continue reading “You Need this Reminder!”

Benefits of Being Unstuck

You wake up, get dress, brush your teeth, make your bed, cook breakfast, go to work, check social media, try and find a recipe to cook, come home, eat, watch a show or movie, get ready for bed, fall asleep and do it all over again the next day. Even on the weekends. Nothing isContinue reading “Benefits of Being Unstuck”

Breaking News

In 2018, Forbes Magazine published an article listing the top wealthiest celebrities based on their NET WORTH, including properties and business ventures. Let me share with you the top 5 wealthiest in 2018, ACCORDING to Forbes. George Lucas – Net worth: $5.4 billion Steven Spielberg – Net worth: $3.7 billion Oprah Winfrey – Net worth:Continue reading “Breaking News”

Give Yourself Permission to Change

I saw a definition for the word “change” in the Webster’s Dictionary, which reads “to make radically different.” The synonym used to provide a similar meaning is “transform.” Well, if you don’t know, not only do I LOVE words, but I also LOVE the Bible. Immediately, I thought of a scripture when I saw theContinue reading “Give Yourself Permission to Change”

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